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March 21, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

After two cups of coffee, a conversation about genotypes versus phenotypes, fifty-eleven bathroom breaks (coffee), and lots of typing and retyping (n.t.s.: save often) the two new photograph pages are up. The General Photographs are just that, normal stuff that I have photographed over the past three years. I am just showing you the tip of the iceberg on here due to limited storage space. Also, Project Mustached is up. It a project of photographing people with, well, a fake mustache. Pretty straightforward now that I think about it. Both of these, as well as the Daily Photograph series, are on-going. I will be updating all of them and probably adding more as time wears on. Keep checking in for new stuff. I think you might be able to subscribe to this and receive emails whenever I update. I really don’t know for certain. The internet is very confusing for me. More soon. ~SC


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