Oh. Canada.


April 25, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Today, Littlep Peddler received a call from some of her friends concerning a little friend who lost his parents and was in need of taking care of. The friends were leaving town and knew that Little Peddler was familiar with little friends of this nature. Little Peddler knew that I have wanted one forever so she took it in. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest member of Holliday Island Animal and Plant Sanctuary. Gretsky.

Gretsky the gosling.

Gretsky the gosling.

That’s right, Gretsky is a little baby Canada Goose of unknown gender (at this time). Super cute. Fits in my pocket cute. Went with me to the gala opening at the Gallery at Brunswick in my pocket cute. So let’s recap the current animal here at Holliday Island: 3 dogs (Jenny, Stooby, Nami), Houdini (hamster), Mortimer Ichabod (parakeet), Cash the cat, the shit load of fish, and now Gretsky the goose. When I come home it’s like Ace Venture. Anyway, cuteness. ~SC


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