The well has run dry.


May 28, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Today was the fourth day of tacos, and we finally ran out. Admittedly, we added to the supplies of meat, beans, lettuce, and cheese throughout the four days, but today it all evened out and everything ran out at the same time. And at the end of the fourth day Sandwich Control looked at what he had created and he saw that it was delicious and he ate it up. He ate it all up. Today was a good day. I got some work done at the studio, ate tacos and chocolate cake, and the new season of Wipeout started. The new obstacles are insane. Is it just me or is the Wipeout Zone kinda like the end of Life is Beautiful when the Nazis kill Roberto Benigni after a seemingly touching and funny story. All the way through the Qualifier, the Sweeper, and the Eliminator the mood is light and humorous and then (bum, bum, buuummm) here comes the Wipeout Zone where we are brought back to Earth with all joking aside to witness a group of four people either triumph in the face of or crumble under the weight of life’s greatest obstacles. I always kind of want to turn it off after the first three rounds. The fourth one always brings me down. Anywho, it looks like it is going to rock it hard. Well, I’m off to do my stretches before bedtime. Until next time… (insert flatulence noise here) ~SC


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