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June 25, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

A few weeks ago, the good people over at Ars Brevis Press had asked me to help them clean up and rearrange their shop. So, I did. For my help, they offered to let me print anything I wanted and they would teach me to use their newly acquired platen press. I had only ever used the Vandercook that we had at school (also Ars Brevis Press’) so I was excited to learn a new process. I have been wanting to print some business cards for this here website, so this was the perfect opportunity. Plus the platen press is ideal for printing small things fast. So, yesterday, I headed over to their shop planning only to spend a couple of hours setting type and shooting the breeze and then to return next week to print. I got there picked out my paper, cut it, set my type, and looked at my watch. I had been there less than an hour. So, I got my platen press lesson and away I went. A platen press can be kind of nerve wracking at first, but then you sort of get in this Zen rhythm and before you know it, you’ve printed two hundred business cards. I cleaned my type and the press, sorted my type back into the case, thanked my friends for the lesson (and the free business cards), and was on my way. It wasn’t even five o’clock. Plenty of time to do a bunch of nothing before going to White Chocolate’s house for Wipeout. I still have to cut them down to their designated size, but other than that, these amazing cards are ready for distribution to the masses. I am so excited. Look at how awesome they are.

One stack of business cards, hot off the presses. Or rather, press.

One stack of business cards, hot off the presses. Or rather, press.

Anywho, it is time for me to go do that thing that I do every morning. Drink coffee and stare into space. A big Thank You to Ars Brevis Press for the great cards and patient tutelage. More soon. Same sandwich time, same sandwich channel. ~SC


  1. Chuy says:

    Those are lookin’ pretty sweet.

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