Get behind the mule in the morning and plow.


June 23, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I feel strange. I have felt this way for a few days now. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake. I have had the urge to shuffle playing cards. I felt really guilty for not eating chocolate cake for breakfast, although, this morning I ate some to curb the guilt and all I got was a belly ache, at which point I felt guilty for not eating my usual bowl of cereal. I feel very sensitive, both physically and emotionally. It is weird. I guess it does not stop the fact that I have to go to work in a few minutes. Or that the new house needs to be painted and the bisque kiln started or any of the other things that need to be done today. There is an old saying that Le Duke will tell me sometimes when I am feeling down, he’ll look at me like sagelike and say “Suck it up.” Maybe I’ll go wake Taco Planet up with a quick shinai blow to his sunburn. That’ll make me feel better. Maybe tacos for dinner. We shall see. But, first things first. Off to work. More soon. ~SC


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