Get out of bed and piss, the world's on fire.


July 6, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

How is it Monday already? I mean really, come on now. The weekend had just begun. Anyways, I am so sore from Saturday. Last night I could barely get into bed because I was so sore. Getting out of bed this morning, I felt like one of those bendy people that’s made of rubber wrapped around a metal skeleton. I would move one of my limbs and it would stay there rigidly. Somehow I managed to get up and moving and I decided that I wanted to wear suspenders today. So I am. Take that Monday. And for some unknown reason, I have an extraordinary amount of boogers in my nose. Today is kind of surreal. Speaking of surreal, do you ever feel like your skin is made of latex, like a balloon, and your balloon skin is filled with silly putty and sand? I feel like that sometimes. Like my whole body is made out of sandy silly putty held together inside of balloon skin. Not that that’s how I feel now or anything. I’m just saying sometimes I feel like that. Usually late at night. Speaking of late at night, tacos are delicious. Speaking of delicious, a few weeks ago, Pancake Land bartered with a fellow crafter for some sweet treats for me. They arrived in the mail on Friday and were all melty due to the ridiculous heat of July and I tucked them in the fridge and forgot about them until yesterday. Then I rediscovered them. They are dark chocolate dipped Oreos cover in bits of Heath bars and Butterfingers. FOOOOD CHEMISTRYYY! Holy crap. They are so delicious that I could only eat two or else risk never being able to eat anything else ever again, because nothing would ever taste as good. It was that serious. Well, there’s the bell tolling for me. I am off to work in my suspenders. Tonight I might try to make eggplant parmesan. Oh weird. Parmesan looks all wrong with the spelling and whatnot. Sorry, I am having one of those moments when you think about a word and how weird it is. Like the word “use”. In context of something you “used” to do. i.e. ” I used to work in a record store.”. Weird, I know. Enough already. Off to work. More soon. ~SC


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