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July 5, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I don’t know about you, but I am tuckered out. This weekend has kicked my butt. Friday I worked and then built the massive slip-n-slide. Saturday I slipped-n-slided. Today I cleaned up after the slippers-n-sliders. Who’s a tired boy? I am. The party went well. The best way to describe the party is this: it was the kind of party where you had to watch your back at all times because someone was going to be sneaking up on you with a buskit of ice water. Example, you shoot an unarmed person with a water gun, you get the buskit. White Chocolate got her fair share of buskits. Anywho, I did not take very many photographs on my camera due to the wet-n-wild nature of the event. My camera is of the more dry-n-calm temperament. I shot most of yesterday using Pancake Land’s waterproof camera. So, check out some of the highlights of the event in General Photographs 2009.

Right, well, after the party is over, and typically the next morning, the mess needs cleaning up.

After, before.

After, before.

So, I gathered up all of the stuff to the house.

It doesn't look like so much now.

It doesn't look like so much now.

Then the neighbor’s lot looked much better.

Ahh, that's much better.

Ah, that's much better.

After I gathered the stuff up, I took out some garbage, and headed in to clean up in the kitchen with Pancake Land. A little later this morning, Mellie Mel and Ultimately InZane brought the kids by and helped out by picking up the pieces of 500+ water balloons. I heard that Dave, the Owl, and Taco Planet came by later to help clean up, but I missed them while I was out returning things to Lippincottonia. Anywho, that sums up today pretty well. Daily Photographs are up to date. Check it out. I’m off to get ready for bed. More soon. ~SC


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