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August 17, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Birthday Yervan. I want everyone one to wish Yervan a Happy Birthday today. Yesterday I managed to get through the special super deluxe extended editions of Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, and about half of Return of the King before I had to go to bed. The three films were a Christmas gift, not to me but, to Pancake Land. She really likes them. This is yet another reason why I wish for her to bear my children. Anyway, during the course of this nerd festival, I also manage to pack up about 240 pacifier clips for P.L.’s newest wholesale order. At some point – you know how sometimes words just hit you funny and you cannot really believe that it is a word – the word “pacifier” struck me as odd. I think it struck me odd that we typically pronounce it “passi-fire” rather than “passif-eye-er”. I admit that I recognize this as, well, not funny. It just struck me as odd. I once got stuck on the word “route” for an entire day. The difference between “r-ow-t” and r-uu-t” and “root” boggles my mind. Well, it is that time again. Time for the bells to toll, and the coffee to be finished, and the week’s stupid work to begin. I really need to get a job as a professional sleeper. But, you know what they say, it stops being fun when it becomes work. More soon. ~SC


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