August 22, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

First off, Happy Birthdays to Taco Planet and Operation B. Everyone wish them a Happy Birthday. So, Pancake Land and I have decided to go on an adventure into the wilderness. We decided yesterday that we are going to go hiking and camping this weekend. We wanted to do something before school starts back this coming week. We will be going to Devil’s Den State Park and will be hiking some, if not all, of the Butterfield Hiking Trail. It dawned on us about five minutes into planning this trip that neither of us have really hiked very much nor have we been hiking in a while. This should be exciting. We packed our bags full of supplies. Tried our packs on and then unpacked them, ridding ourselves of a bunch of unnecessary items and them repacked our bags. My pack weighs a little less than 30 pounds. (As a good scientist, I really need to start using the metric system.) So, in saying all of this, do not expect a post in the morning because I will be in the woods. Isn’t this all very exciting? I think so. Perhaps it is the imminent sense of catastrophe that makes it so exciting. Well, wish us luck. I have to go make the final preparations for this adventure. More soon. ~SC


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