Who's a cranky boy?


August 31, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I am. I slept terribly last night. So, today I am a sleepy boy and a cranky boy. It seems that everything that I have seen or dealt with in any capacity today has added to my frustration. I can’t wait to go to the campus bookstore and see what kinds of horrible frustrations they are going to add to the mix. In fact, this is the second time I have had to type all of this because the other computer did not like the fact that I tried to open more than one window in Safari. I would have been using Firefox, but I could not find a version that was supported on OS 10.3.9. So, I opened a second window, no tabs allowed, and it locked up. So, now I am using the ever frustrating computer belonging to La Duchess. Her backspace doesn’t work properly.

Anyways, all of my frustrations aside, last night for dinner I made Risotto a la Milanese, some cut of steak that I do not recall the name of, and asparagus. Pancake Land and I watched the movie Gigantic as we ate. This Gigantic is not to be confused with Gigantic (The Tale of Two Johns) the documentary about They Might Be Giants. Sadly, it would be difficlut to get Pancake Land to watch the latter seeing as how she is not a lover of TMBG. Anywho, the former was bizarre and I enjoyed it. Well, I am off to try not to gun people down from a belltower. More soon. ~SC


  1. teachersis says:

    I didn’t see you in the bell tower today. I saved you a seat beside me in case you showed up. I am glad I didn’t bring the ammo today or it could have gotten ugly. I am thinking Bailey’s in my coffee would be appropriate for 8 am, don’t you?

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