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September 28, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

So, this past weekend did just that, passed. I had my art show and had a meeting concerning the Secret Doctor Book, where my design was approved and I got the green light to head into production, and today all I have to do is start the glazathon. And get that DVD from JoJo. And have coffee with Babbylon Tim. And photograph the cookbook/notebook. And put together a paper order. And take my online Psychology quiz. And empty the glaze kiln. And….

No rest for the weary. First things first. I have to drink this cup of coffee.

I would have posted more of the images from the art show, but I ended up shooting most of the night in 16:9 panoramic because I forgot to switch it back to 4:3. I do that a lot. If you go back and look at the photographs I took at Devil’s Den, most of them are in panoramic simply because I forgot to switch the lens back.

My idiotic behavior amazes me sometimes. Sometimes I just sit around wondering how I have survived as long as I have, when logically, I should have been crushed under the weight of my stupid actions.

For example, and you can ask Dark Wombat or Johnny Goodtime (YGB), in elementary school we used to make these crossbows that fired pencils. We would take two regular wooden rulers, the kind with the groove down the center, and glue or tape them together to form a capital “T”. Then we would cut a wide rubber band so that it was no longer circular, but now linear, and we would push pin each end of the rubber band to the ends of the ruler that formed the horizontal bar of the “T”. Next we would, of course, sharpen the pencils until they were deathly sharp and the great war would begin. These things were so high powered that we once stuck one of the pencils into the chalk board. Scary. It would have gone straight through our delicate ten year old bodies. And where did we get our brilliant idea to make crossbows? Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. No wonder people think that movies and video games make kids violent.

I don’t think that Kevin Costner made me violent. I was already violent. He just just gave me creative ways to express my violent tendencies.

Well, the phone is already ringing, so I had better get to the tedious task called Monday. More soon. ~SC


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