The Great Arkansan Raining Season.


September 16, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I think it has rained more this year, than it has cumulatively my whole life. Maybe it has, and I cannot remember. Perhaps, as I get older, I am becoming more aware of these things. Like when you catch a cold, you cannot really remember what your previous cold was like. But nowadays, I have a vague recollection of previous colds. And of rain. Just not this much rain.

I got my car back from the shop last night. Hopefully the oil leak is fixed. I need to go today and wash the engine to remove all of the greasy build up that is caked on my engine and its neighboring parts. If I do this, then I can determine whether or not the leak is fixed. Ugh… cars. Well, what do I expect from a car that was found in a field and I payed 2 cigarettes for.

I am tired. All of this rain, combined with a long Tuesday, equals a tired Sandwich Control.

So, yesterday, during my break, I had coffee with Shamrock and Sweet Bread. Sweet and I went over to Shamrock’s office at school and he fixed a pot of coffee. We had been sitting in there for a few minutes and Shamrock asks if we knew that the English department was giving out free copies of True Grit by Charles Portis. We say no. So he tells us where they are and me and Sweet head that way. Turns out that they have not started giving them out yet, but since we are so enthusiastic about it, they give us two copies. Whoo!

As some of you may recall, True Grit was adapted for the silver screen in 1969 and starred John “the Duke” Wayne as the eye patch wearing Rooster Cogburn. It is once again being adapted for the silver screen, this time by the Coen brothers. Why the English department is giving them out is a different story. They are going to be starting a campus wide campaign to get everyone, faculty and students alike, to read the book. Then, there will be events themed around the book. Lectures, film viewings, and parties I’m sure. The Dean of the English department said that they have been in contact with the Coen brothers and with Charles Portis’ brother in an attempt to get Charles to participate.

Charles Portis is a bit of a recluse. He is a native Arkansan. Born, raised, and educated here, he still lives in the state somewhere, but where I am not sure.

Portis’ books have been on my reading list for a while now, so I saw this as an excellent opportunity for 1) a free book and 2) to read something on my reading list.

The Dean also informed us that he would be “blogging” about the project at a special “blog” that he had created. I suggest you check it out.

The whole project seems cool to me. Plus, it gives me a good reason to bust out that kick ass pencil drawing that I have of Rooster Cogburn.

Well, I need to get to work. More soon. ~SC


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