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October 2, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

First off I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Gandhi. Who would be turning 140 years old today. So, everybody eat a sandwich for Gandhi today, just not roast beef. A special thanks goes out to TeacherSis who reminded me that it was ol’ M.G.’s birthday.

Okay, so the kiln turned out awesome and B-Rogne’s mug turned out rockin’. Check it:

On the right we have a standard 8oz coffee mug. On the left we have a custom 40oz. coffee mug.

On the right we have a standard 8oz coffee mug. On the left we have a custom 40oz. coffee mug.

It won’t hold a whole pot of coffee, but it will hold half of one. I also received the first proof of the logo which I will not show you in order to not spoil the surprise. I will say this though, it is cooler than you are.

There is the potential that I will get lots of mail today. My baker’s twine should arrive to my house, the paper should arrive to White Chocolate, and I might get a package from Amy the Amazing here at Lippincottonia. On, the other hand, I might not receive anything today. There it is. The question for the day.

Is it better to receive all of your packages at once, and blow your mail receiving load, or is it better to space the packages out over a few days, like a bit of the ol’ tantra? (Or else that dripping means you got burned, son.)

So much to think about before I have finished my coffee.

As Blackthorne used to say, one thing at a time. More soon. ~SC


  1. TeacherSis says:

    That’s an awesome mug..You could make a fortune selling those to teachers! (Or make no money by giving them as gifts to people you know that drink coffee) 😀

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