I Can't Read My Notes.


October 12, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

So, I discovered this morning, through a serious amount of post writing procrastination, via looking for chef coats on Amazon in order to wishlist them (so that I might win the Dream Kitchen sweepstakes giveaway) which ultimately led to the Top Chef page on Bravo’s site and subsequently to the shop, that Tom Colicchio has written a cookbook called ‘Wichcraft. It is a cookbook of sandwiches. Awesome. So, I wishlisted that as well.

Yesterday my family got together to celebrate Prince Jazzbo’s birthday and have a nice lunch. Since I did not get him anything because I am a broke-ass, and because he would not use a little notebook, I decided to make him food instead. Making food is easy once you learn to do it. The trick to making food is one in which you typically can make something edible without having to buy anything. A standardly stocked kitchen should have everything you need to make food, especially cookies.

Once I had decided to make cookies, it dawned on me that I have never made cookies from scratch. Irma, Help! So according to the Joy of Cooking, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies are pretty much identical recipes. Which means that using our superior soviet food chemistry skills we can…bum,bum,buh!…combine them. So, I did. I ended up making chocolate chip-pecan-peanut butter cookies. They were excellent.

I keep beating myself up for not photographing all of this food. I get so caught up in the moment, and the smell and sight of food just steals all of my focus away to where I cannot think of anything but sitting down to enjoy this delicious thing of which I created. I will work on getting photos of the food.

To make it up to you, and at the same crush the dreams/fantasies all of you guys and gals (you have a stiffy for Tom C.), I found this photograph of him and his wife Lori Silverbush, and the dude loves his wife.

Tom loves his baby's mama.

Tom loves his baby's mama.

Well, now that I have crushed your hopes of ever being with Tom Colicchio, I am off to work. More soon. ~SC


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