I'm So Dizzy, My Head Is Spinning.


October 13, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

There is so much that I was supposed to work on this weekend and I did none of it. On top of the fact that I am now ill prepared for school today, I am exhausted. I must have slept restlessly last night. I do remember Pancake Land being in bed and having lots of paperwork. Maybe I dreamt that. All I know is that I have a Nutrition midterm that I somehow forgot to prepare for.

There are lots of things that are in the works, none of which I am at liberty to talk about at the moment, but when the time is right, I will tell all.

One thing that I can talk about is this weekend. Through some mysterious force of nature, I got roped into working War Eagle. War Eagle, for those of you who are not crafters, is the biggest arts and crafts show in the state. We used to never do the show because we were busy doing another smaller less hectic show called Applegate. It was a big weekend for people who buy arts and crafts. You go to War Eagle and get all wired up and then you go to Applegate to calm down. Well, Applegate started to suck and we bailed and just have not done a show on this weekend for a few years now. It was nice, but last year Le Duke decided to try War Eagle and he did well at it. Taco Planet worked it last year and was going to working it this year, but job stuff interfered and then he had promised to host a party and so, the long and short of it is I now have to work the show. It is not a big deal. I have worked many craft shows. But, and this is the part that concerns you, I will not have my lappy with me. So, you guessed it, no posts this weekend. That is subject to change if I find out that I will have wireless innernet, but don’t bet on it. I think that I will be staying in Jerrytown.

Well, it is cold and rainy and stupid and I need to go get ready for school. To illustrate my state of mind at this exact moment, I just realized how similar the names Frida Kahlo and Franz Kafka look on the spine of a book. More soon. ~SC


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