Me and My Gennies. or They Are Like Peas and Carrot.


October 27, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Gotta make sure to take my zinc supplement.

Gotta make sure to take my zinc supplement.

I found this in my Nutrition textbook. That poor dude. Is it not bad enough that they made fun of him for looking like a 7 year old, but then to say that his Bit and Pieces look like that of a 6 year old’s. Man, that’s rough.

Conclusion: People who write Nutrition textbooks are big meanies.

I have decided that I now live in some Rainforest type place because all it does is rain. It has rained more this year than I ever remember it raining in my whole life. It started this most recent bout of raining Sunday night and it is still just chug-a-lugging right along. I would not say that it only rains on the days that I need to ride my trike to school, but it definitely rains on those days as well. It makes me very sleepy. Oh, hello coffee!

I managed to finish my Nutrition assignment last night. All I have left to do is write my Psychology paper, do the layout for the Secret Doctor’s book, and write a 600-900 word essay for the “Be the New Peter” competition at City Wire.

Oh, wait, I have not told you about that last one. Okay, so the City Wire is a local online “newspaper”. They are losing their beloved food/arts/entertainment/local culture writer, Peter, to a publication in Austin and are looking for a replacement. In order to find a replacement, they are having an essay contest and subsequently the three finalists will each write two reviews of local events/food/arts/stuff-n-such and the reviews will be published in the City Wire and the staff, Peter, and the readers will vote on a winner. Cool, huh? So, I am writing an essay. What’s the worst that could happen? I get a job as a food critic. Hmmm… doesn’t sound so bad to me. Maybe one day I’ll be the American Toby Young.

Toby Young.

Hey, he makes faces like I do!

Well, that is about all for now. I’m off to find out how terribly I did on my Prob/Stats and Psychology tests. More soon. ~SC


  1. TeacherSis says:

    As of 10/27/09

    Average rainfall for month is 3.36 inches. Actual received::9.23
    Average rainfall for year is 35.10 inches. Actual received ::50.97

    Build an ark Noah.

  2. I will get started on right away. Just a soon as Michael rows my boat ashore.

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