G and D Live. (Insert Sound Of Me Squeeling Like A Little Girl)


November 24, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

"I love Sandwich Control this much."

Yesterday Taco Planet hooked me up with the illegal download, I mean the shared version, of the new Tom Waits album Glitter and Doom: Live. It is about to go onto the portable music player for my sweet sweet enjoyment. I wonder if you can hear me peepeeing my pants on Get Behind the Mule. I mean, I was only ten feet from the guy. And it is my song. I am sure I was doing something stupid like screaming Whooooo! a lot. Not really. Actually, Pancake Land is always amazed when we see Tom live that I am frozen in awe. And I am. I just stand there staring at him with my eyes as wide open as possible and trying desperately not to blink. Usually it takes about 18 hours for the fact that I actually saw him to sink in. At that point I start running around in circles and screaming “I saw Tom F**king Waits! Ahhhhhhhh!”. The guy is my hero. And when I am standing ten feet from my hero, I don’t have the luxury of making an ass out of myself because I am frozen with fear and admiration. In Memphis I did manage to tip my hat to him and guess what, he tipped his back at me. We shared a moment. Hmmmmm….

Just for your information, if anyone reading this was concerned about the fact that I am not supporting my favorite musician financially, in all actuality I am, sort of. I have added it to my wishlist. I would have purchased it for myself, but unfortunately it was released after the window closed. I can hear you now. You are saying “What is he talking about? What window closed?”.

It is quite simple. There is this window of shopping for yourself that is open from January 1 until November 1. On November 2 the window closes and the Christmas shopping window opens. This is the window that allows others to buy you gifts, but does not give them enough time to return it and buy you something else if you turn out to be the kind of person who buys yourself things right before Christmas. I need a new hoodie, but cannot buy myself one because someone could have already purchased me one as a Christmas gift. So, Tom releases his new album and I have to hope I get it for Christmas or, if I don’t get it then, buy it for myself after the first of the year. I like to give a little wiggle room for the people who run a little late on the gift exchange.

And anyone who knows me is asking themself “So, does he want the CD or the LP?” I have wishlisted both. I would like to have them both. So far, my LP collection and CD collection only overlap on Real Gone. What I am hoping to have, at some point, is both the CD and LP versions of all of them, but that is going to be slow going. Unless they re-release the older albums on LP again. Blather, blather, blather.

Well, enough about my obsession with Tom Waits. Today is the last day of class before the Thanksgiving break. Hooray!

Good news abounds this week. Yesterday, when I was baking bread, my editor called and gave me the green light to go to press on the Secret Doctor’s Book. Operation B and Babylon Tim will both be in town for the Holiday. Tom Waits came out with a new album. Class is dismissed for a week. And my favorite holiday is on Thursday. Actually, Friday is my favoritest favorite holiday. Some people call it Black Friday. I call it Leftover Cold Turkey Sandwich Day. Mmmmmm…. cold turkey sandwiches.

Well, I need to get to school. I have to suck it up through two classes and then I am free for a week. More soon. ~SC


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