Hang On Tighter, Just To Keep From Being Thrown To The Wolves.


November 25, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

There is so much to do today. Luckily Operation B is coming to help me. We have to set up the gallery, start the glazathon, rake leaves, print sheet music, get more of Le Duke’s album printed, ship orders, and (if we are lucky at all) eat a sandwich at some point.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means we get to eat a lot. It is kind of messed up, now that I think about it. The U.S. and Canada are the only two countries that celebrate an official day of Thanks Giving. Does it not seem to be kind of an asshole move for one of the most wealthy, powerful countries in the world to have a day that we thank God for bestowing such great blessings upon us (and not other people) and we celebrate by stuffing our faces? It kind of seems like we are giving the finger to third world countries and then rubbing their noses in the fact that God “likes us more than them”. Hence, them living in mud houses and drinking dirty river water and eating dirt to satiate their parasite filled bellies.

“Up yours Rowanda! Jesus loves us more. Nana nana booboo!” (Insert sound of munching on a deep fried turkey leg.)

Maybe I just distort things to make them seem funnier/ironic to me. Like when Baby Ezra starts crying for no reason and I make fun of him for being a baby and not being able to express himself in any other way.

“Oh, boohoo. Ima bay-bee! I can’t voice my feeeeeellllinnngsss! Ima lay here and cry ’cause that’s the only thing I can do!”

Maybe, I’m just an asshole.

Regardless, I’ve got stuff to do and I can’t sit here and type at you all day. Iluvyou.

More soon. ~SC


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