Rrrrrrrrrarrrr…. Oh, Sorry.


November 12, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I am such a sleepy/grumpy boy. I don’t want to do anything except go back to bed, but I know that if I miss Prob/Stats one day that I can say goodbye to passing the class. You have to stay up on that stuff or it will eat you for lunch. Plus, I have a Psychology test that I am most assuredly under prepared for, as always.

As, soon as I get done with that I have to head to the house to finish up this wholesale order. Once and for all. We got most of it packed last night, but there is a little left to pack. If I know Pancake Land, then she probably stayed up to all hours of the night working on it. Don’t be fooled. She stays up til all hours of the night every night. She finds it easier to work when I no one is distracting her, i.e. me.

Apparently, I have started some weird taco eating domino effect. Teacher Sis has now eaten tacos three days in a row. She emailed me from Taco Bueno! last night. She and Word To Me ate tacos twice yesterday. When I talked to them last night, there was something said about a cheeseburger taco, but I can’t say for certain. I was very tired.

We are down the final five on Top Chef. They finally sent Robin home. She is definitely not going to win Fan Favorite. I think Kevin or Eli will probably win Fan Favorite, maybe Mattin. Who do I think is going to win the title this season? Either Kevin or Brian V. is going win. Mike V. wants it so bad, but he just wants to beat his brother more than he wants to be Top Chef. Therein lies his downfall. Poor Jennifer. She is on tilt in a big bad way.

What?! Can’t a guy be excited about the only thing he watches on television? Ah, well.

Maybe I’ll have tacos for lunch. Oh, wait, no. I forgot. Pancake Land banned me from tacos for the rest of the month. She acts like it is because she is tired of hearing about them, but secretly I think it is more related to the general odor of the house. It is bad enough that the dogs roll around in rotting animal flesh, but I have to eat tacos, and sometimes Chili Cheese Burritos, for five straight days. I am sure she is tired of holding her nose.

Mmmmm.... spicy chicken.

Oh, how I miss you spicy chicken soft taco.

It really upset me when Taco Bell stopped carrying the spicy chicken. I was quite attached to the Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme. It was my favorite. And now it is gone. (a single tear rolls down my cheek and is quickly wiped away)

Well, today is stupid and I am going to beat it up and take its lunch money, and maybe secretly go to Taco Bell with said lunch money which is now, of course, mine. More soon. ~SC


  1. TeacherSis says:

    cheeseburger soft taco from Taco Bueno…muy bien

  2. Word To Me says:

    The Cheeseburger Taco looked really good. T.S. said it tasted like a cheeseburger on a flour tortilla. Hmmm. I doubt it was good enough to drive that far to get one again. We had lunch at Mojito’s Mexiican Grill. I had chicken soft tacos there and again for supper at Taco Bueno. For the money I have to say Taco Bueno was just that…

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