Bon Idee (pronounced Bunny-Day).


December 8, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

What a strange day yesterday was. The strangest thing about it is that I can’t really talk about it right now.

What I can tell you about yesterday is that I finished the Secret Doctor’s Book. Booyah! I am going to deliver them this afternoon to my editor. One thing down, another million to go. I would show it to you, but personally I don’t really care for it. I had to satisfy a customer and that meant giving up a lot of artistic license to make him happy. I wanted simple and elegant and he wanted splashy and colorful, so the book is splashy and colorful. I could never be a graphic designer. I could not stand to have that freedom taken from me. I mean if I want to paint a huge boob on something, then I should be able to, dammit.

Today is the final day of classes for this semester. And again I say, Booyah! I am reviewing for the Prob/Stats final, taking the last of the Psychology tests (jerks), and doing a presentation on Japan for a World Nutrition assignment. So much to do today. My finals schedule is pretty simple. Thursday I have Prob/Stats, which determines if I have to retake the course or not, and Tuesday is Psychology and Nutrition. Then I am done with school for three whole weeks. That will be Work time. I’ll be trying to get ahead for the upcoming wholesale show.

Speaking of the wholesale show, I have been thinking about taking a day trip to D.C. to see Don Chulius, his lovely wife the Baroness Ida von Blitzenstein, and Metal Chris. This trip would also allow me the chance to go to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to visit Julia Child’s kitchen, which has been meticulously preserved there. Check it out:

One day my stuff will be on display in a Smithsonian Museum.

Awesome. Well, I have to go try and explain GWAR to Le Duke. This might take a while. More soon. ~SC


  1. Girl Who Sits in Ballman-Speer says:

    Keeping up with your non-blog has been fun for me. I have decided to comment simply because you managed to include Julia Child and GWAR in one post. So, keep up the good work.

  2. TeacherSis says:

    I dare you…

    Heston Blumenthal



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