Countdown To Presnents, Err, I Mean Quality Family Time.


December 24, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

First off the bat, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Blatzy. Everyone wish him a good one on this eve of presnents.

I have been a busy boy this morning. After issuing myself a four-day weekend, much to Le Duke’s dismay, I have already braved the morning crowds at Wal*Mart and eaten three Papa Sandwiches. I managed to procure a few items for a special tasting platter for some of our esteemed colleagues and I picked up the ingredients necessary to make my sweet treats for this evening. It is currently 12°C, the high for today, and the thunderstorms should be turning into a Wintery mix very soon. White Christmas here we come!

On a more serious note, I spent a little time this morning reflecting on the fact that I, as well as lots of other men my age, am part of a generation of heterosexual men who have secret gay love for Johnny Depp. Having grown up with Mr. Depp playing all of the great characters in movies such as:

Edward Scissorhands

Gilbert Grape

Ed Wood

Don Juan DeMarco

The Ghost of William Blake

Ichabod Crane

Jack Sparrow

Sir James Barrie

Willy Wonka

Sweeney Todd

John Dillinger

The Mad Hatter

just to name a few, it is not surprising that many young men having a deep, or rather, a Depp love of him. I wasn’t really surprised to learn that he is tentatively slated to play Salvador Dali and the Lone Ranger. I am however excited, in an nonsexual way, by these announcements.

Anyways, back to the real matter at hand, presnents, err, I mean family. Spending time with your family and friends is very important. What better way to do so than to shower me with gifts? It’s as American as eggnog.

*Editor’s Note* Eggnog, in fact, originated in Europe during the 17th century. It’s nutritional information can be seen here.


I don’t know about you, but I need to open some presnents and soon. But there is stuff to be done in the mean time, within 3 standard deviations of course. I need to get a move on if I am going to go pick up a meat tray, do a presnent switch, get Pancake Land out of bed before noon, and make some sweet treats in the kitchen.

Good luck tonight. May the best person, i.e. me, win. More soon. ~SC


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