Important Atomic Constants.


December 6, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was all mixed up, but today I think that I have straightened everything back out. Well, it’s only 9:04am. So, we’ll have to wait and see. As of right now everything is relatively straightened out.

Except for the fact that it is -1°C, I have a headache, and I want to chain smoke. Weird.

Yesterday, Pancake Land was feeling a little blue, so I built us a “fort” and spent the afternoon watching football with her. Not in the “fort”, but on the couch. “Forts” are not for watching football. They are strategic points of defense against invading armies. Silly. Jeez, don’t you know anything.

I’ve been trying not to catch the blues this week, but it has been tough. My car is busted, Stoobs’s leg is all swole up, and all the money that I will earn from doing the Doctor’s Book is quickly being accounted for. Not to mention that it is Christmas and presnents don’t buy themselves. I’ll survive. It would be rude of me to not survive and waste all of those presnents with my name writ on them. I can’t be rude, now can I?

Today, I need to stay home and work on Psychology stuff and the Secret Doctor’s Book. My plan is to get them all sewed today. Wish me luck. Actually, what I need is focus, attention span, and endurance. Wish me those things instead. Oh, and could you wish me a Giant Hot-Ham-and-Cheese with Curly Fries as well. That would be great, thanks.

Oh, hey, Mortimer Ichabod came to see me. He’s just hanging out on his perch. It just dawned on me that I have managed to keep him alive for almost an entire year. I mainly just ignored him and made sure that he had food and water. He did every thing else. Grass still doesn’t like to be out of the cage. He’s kind of crazy. He just sits at the mirror and pecks at the beads that are attached to it. M.I. still pecks at Grass’s face and eats all of the time. Birds will be birds, I guess.

I was thinking that maybe I would get them a lady bird to fight over. We’ll see if I can talk Pancake Land into it. Maybe I’ll buy her a Finch. That might ease the situation into my favor. I doubt it, though. She’s the boss and she’s not easily tricked.

Well, two Advil and a book cradle are calling my name. I had best heed the call. More soon. ~SC

Oh, and just in case you wanted to actually know some important atomic constants, here are a few:

Avogadro’s Number: (N)= (6.02257 ± 0.00009) x 10ˆ23 (g mole)ˆ-1

Boltzmann Constant: (k)= (1.38053 ± 0.00006) x 10ˆ-16 erg° Kˆ-1

Planck’s Constant: (h)= (6.62554 ± 0.00015) x 10ˆ-27 erg-sec.

Gas constant per mole: (R= Nk)= (8.31432 ± 0.00034) x 10ˆ7 erg (g mole)ˆ-1 °Kˆ-1

Molar Volume: (V)= (2.24136 ± 0.00030) x 10ˆ4 cm³ moleˆ-1


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