My Gloves Have Long Thumbs And Short Fingers.


December 20, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

In preparation for my new writing gig I spent most of last night finding places that Peter Lewis, the guy whose shoes I’m trying to fill, did not review. I dug through the City Wire’s archives making a list of everywhere that he reviewed and boy, what a list is was. I then subsequently made a list, using the phone book, Chamber of Commerce, and the FS city website of places that intrigued me. Places like the Airport Restaurant, which is actually inside the airport, and the Park at West End Diner, that used to be an old train car.

For my first review I wanted to eat somewhere that Peter hasn’t talked about and, at the same time, is true to my style. Unfortunately, he and I have very similar taste when it comes to restaurants. He reviewed almost, but not quite, all of my favorite joints. I can review places that he ate at eventually, but not right out of the hatch. Before I go to any of the places on my list I will double check the City Wire’s archive to ensure that Peter hasn’t reviewed it.

More than anything, this new project is giving me an excuse to use some of the hundreds of notebooks that I have been collecting with the understanding that “I’ll use these someday.”. The one that I have selected to start with, and you office supply fetishists, like myself, will get chills from this, is my Gold Fibre Writing Pad. It’s “America’s Finest Writing Pad” and it is so fancy. It had better be fancy for what I paid for it. (Insert sexy voice.) The front of each 8½ x 11¾ inch, 20lb. heavyweight, micro perforated, ivory sheet of paper is wide ruled and the back of each is quad ruled. (Back to normal voice.) That just means, for you non-office supply fetishists, that the back of each sheet is graph paper. Fancy.

Pancake Land and I are planning my first venture in the dining world today for either a late lunch or an early dinner depending, of course, on what time she gets out of bed. It will either be at one of the many diners or at one of the many steakhouses that I have selected.

In the meantime, whilst I wait for her get up and around, I need to actually clean my office instead of just making the declarative statement “I need to clean my office.” and then moving on, having not cleaned my office at all. Plus, I am kind of gross, so if we are going to eat in public I should probably get cleaned up a little. Which means that I am going to have to fold all of the clothes that are in these damned laundry baskets. My day is filling up quickly. What ever happened to a day of rest. Oh, that’s right, no rest for the wicked.

Well, enough of this sitting around yakkin’, I’ve got an ever growing list of stuff to do. More soon. ~SC


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