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December 10, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

If you did not watch the Top Chef season finale last night, turn away now and read this after you watch it. Because I am about to tell you who wins.

It was Michael Voltaggio. There. I said it.

Micahel Voltaggio.

Hold on a second, I have to go light the heater in the bathroom so later, when I go to make the poop, my butt won’t freeze to the toilet seat.

Right, I’m back, where was I? Oh yes, Voltaggio. Um, I don’t know how I feel about him winning. Pancake Land put it best when she said that this was actual reality television because the person who was least liked, of the finalists, by the viewers, happened to cook better than the other finalists. Sure he’s cocky, and super competitive with his brother, and sometimes he may be a little hypocritical, but he can cook. Well enough to win. He’s a jerk, yeah, but all of the previous winners are too. Even Stephanie from Season 4 could flip the bitch switch, and often did as I recall.

Let’s face it, to win Top Chef you have to be a Big Jerk.

Last night, I ended up making four pizzas and when I went to bed there were two slices left. I’d have to say that it went over very well. There is one note that I wanted to make about the recipe that I gave for the pizza yesterday. I said that you should get a small jar of artichokes. They should marinated artichokes. Do not buy the canned artichoke hearts. They are canned in the water that they were blanched in. They add no real flavor to the pizza. I learned this yesterday. As soon as I opened the can…rewind… I bought a can of artichoke hearts because Wal*Mart, in their infinite wisdom, has stopped carrying the small jars of marinated artichoke hearts that I normally buy. So I bought a can, and opened it to discover that it smelled and tasted like canned spinach. Only more bland.

Luckily, If you put enough sliced olives and garlic on something, you cannot tell that there are bland canned artichokes on it. Neither can the other hungry people who would later consume the entirety of four large pizzas.

Today is my Prob/Stats final. Woo.

Am I excited about it? No.

Am I ready to be done with it? Yes.

Am I probably going to be taking this class again in the Spring? More than likely.

If I were to chart the chances that I will be taking this class again in the Spring, and it was a normal distribution, I would say that I am within 2 standard deviations away from the mean.

An update on Stoobs. I took her to the Vet on Monday and they took an X-ray to see if her leg was broken. It was not. They gave her a shot it bring the swelling down and prescribed her an antibiotic to kill the infection. Do they know what caused this? No. What do they think it was? Possibly a snake bite. What do I think that it was? Probably a spider bite, more than likely Brown Recluse. She lies around in piles of leaves all day. It is possible. The swelling has gone down and her leg has returned to it’s normal size. It is still a little tender, but she is using it a lot more. There is still a giant pepperoni at the site of the bite, so that’s really attractive to look at. No, wait, it’s really disgusting.

Well, I need to get my brain into Math mode. More soon. ~SC


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