Post Apocalyptic Playaz Ball 2009.


December 27, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I think that this picture pretty much sums up this year’s Playaz Ball:

Taco Planet as Aladdin Sane.

Yep. That says it all. And yes, those are golden undies.

I don’t normally shoot with a flash, but last night it was a necessity and I don’t think that it was a bad thing. I managed not to wash everybody out.

We had the normal variety of the usual suspects with a few strangers that riled Furious Jessy up a little bit. It wouldn’t have been the Playaz Ball if somebody hadn’t ruffled her feathers. She managed not to punch anyone’s face, well at least not before I left she had not punched a face. We did manage to have someone lose consciousness while walking down the concrete steps outside and land with a gloriously drunk face plant at the bottom. Don’t worry she was fine. Don Chulius and I had to carry her lifeless body to Taco Planet’s bed where, about three minutes later, she sat straight up and declared that she was fine, to no one in particular.

I should have the photographs up on Page 4 of the 2009 General Photographs shortly if they all will fit. If not, Page 5 here I come. It is weird to think that 2009 is almost over. I don’t know what the plans for New Year’s Eve are yet, so don’t ask. I know Nicky the Cook is having a shindig, so call him.

Speaking of Nicky the Cook, S.A.N.D. will be meeting this evening, so I was informed by my S.A.N.D. brothers last night, to have the Green Bean Casserole-Off. We had to establish a few rules for this one because, although I can eat mashed potatoes for three days, eating green bean casserole is a one meal affair for me. Maybe rule is the wrong word. Let’s use restriction instead. The restriction for this round of cook-offery is this: You can only use one can of green beans. This ensures that we have to make a very small Green Bean Casserole. I think that Nicky is in charge of a main dish, hopefully he will make his Meatloaf again.

After talking about this cook-off business, I probably need to go figure out how to make the thing. Although I have eaten it many times, I have never actually prepared it. So, I’m off to see Irma. More soon. ~SC


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