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December 5, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

This morning has been hectic. I woke up about 2:30am for reasons that cannot be mentioned here, and ended up staying up until about 5:00am working on the Secret Doctor’s Book. At that point I returned to the bedroom to find Pancake Land had positioned herself into a V-shape leaving me only about 8 x 72 inches of linear space or 32 inches of triangular space. I opted for the linear.

This is point at which I lie there for an hour until the alarm goes off. I manage to reset the alarm and finally get an extra hour of sleep.

Then the dogs need to go away. Then I decide that I’m going to make a big breakfast. It turned out to be pretty lame.

The biscuits ran out. The gravy tasted like nothing. The bacon made the whole house wreak of maple. It was quite a disappointment.

Then Sis picked me up early to run our errands.

I am currently stealing the innernet from Rick’s on 66. Johnny Fox is “doing” my mother’s hair. I have finally managed to sit down and am still nursing my giant cup of coffee.

Sorry, I had to talk shop about nutrition for a second. Now I’m back.

Pancake Land is in a bad way this morning, err, afternoon. She had Johnny Fox dye her hair yesterday and she wanted to show it to the girls. Headache ensues.

P.L. scolded me a little bit yesterday for not giving spoiler alerts about the Top Chef updates. I will now be posting spoiler alerts when I am about to tell you how shows and movies end.

Well, the hair “doing” is concluding and I must away. More soon. ~SC


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