The Clock Is Ticking.


December 14, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Ten days to presnents. Four minutes to Smodcast 99 (iTunes keeps me a week behind.). Three days to the meeting that may change my life. Thirty four hours until the beginning of my Grismas break. Twelve days to the Playaz Ball. Fourteen hours until I can go back to bed. Thirty minutes until I have to go to work. This is my life and it is ending one second at a time.

So the cake ball instructions that I gave yesterday need a little refining. The cake balls, perhaps they were not set up enough, were too heavy for the toothpick to hold on to during the dipping process. This is what I get for publishing instructions on how to do something without doing 1000 trials of it. Results without empirical data, tisk tisk.

Perhaps they should set up over night. And smaller balls. Plus, my almond bark never got smooth. What the Hell is that about?! Apparently there has been a rash of lumpy almond bark lately. I have heard multiple cases of this recently. Perhaps it is the weather. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Way too many variables, not enough controls. That reminds me of a song. I bet you weren’t expecting that one. Well, some of you were.

Anyway, Word to Me and I made German chocolate cake balls with the traditional coconut pecan icing and chocolate almond bark. Delicious. Fortunately for me, no one in my house likes coconut. More for me.

After a very, err, noisy night, I decided that perhaps eating red beans and rice for a third straight day was not a very good idea. Especially if want to sleep inside the house tonight. So, I have switched back over to leftover raviolis.

You can tell that I have finished a bunch of projects because I played Twilight Princess twice this weekend. Probably the best Zelda game ever. It just barely beats Link to the Past, though.

Today’s post is very scatterbrained. Is it always like this?

Perhaps I will look up how to wrap a turban. I was thinking of wearing one to the Playaz Ball. The theme, if you are out of the loop, is “The Last Party on Earth” hosted by Aladdin Sane. That is why, if you had not noticed, that I quit shaving. I need to look as grizzled as possible.

Well, Le Duke is lingering about and farting. That probably means that I need to go to work. Sorry for scatteredness. Wait, no I’m not. More soon. ~SC


  1. Word To Me says:

    I rather like the beard…

  2. Well, you were always partial to beards.

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