The Ghost Train.


December 30, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Despite the fact that I received The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for Grismas and have yet to play it, that is not what today’s title is about. I am planning a trip to St. Louis in my head.

The trip that I am planning is for the weekend that the girls will be spending in Las Vegas for White Chocolate’s birthday. They will be going to Vegas to have fun and I will be going to St. Louis to put flowers on Irma Rombauer’s grave.

I have calculated the cost to be about $175 if I take a bus to Little Rock and a train to St. Louis, and subsequent taxis. I will end up leaving here at 3:00pm on Friday, arriving in Little Rock at 6:00pm, then the train departs at 11:00pm from Little Rock and arrives in St. Louis at 8:00am the next morning. That would give me 12 hours to find Irma and leave flowers before the train departs for Little Rock at 8:00pm. It would arrive back in Little Rock at 3:00am, leaving me 2½ hours to get back to the bus station before the bus leaves for home at 5:45am. I would then be back home at 8:00am Sunday morning in time to take a nap before having to pick the girls up from the airport. I can do this.

If I can manage to pull this off, then my trip to Seattle to have a cup of coffee at the first Starbucks is a piece of cake. That trip is feasible, but expensive and time consuming. But first trips first. St. Louis and Irma are closer and cheaper. Let’s knock that one out first and we can take care of Starbucks coffee later. We don’t want to go and get ahead of ourselves, now do we?

Before I can go off gallivanting all over the damned place I have tile to lay and articles to write. More than likely, this trip is just a flight of fancy, or rather a train ride of fancy, anyway. It is nice to fantasize sometimes. Even if it is about going to a city to put flowers on a cookbook author’s grave. More than likely, and hopefully, I will be doing home improvement stuff, cleaning house and painting and what not, you know, since the boss is not going to leave town without leaving me a “Honey-do” list to keep me out of trouble.

Well, the bells they are a-chimin’ and that means that our time here has once again run out. More soon, my friends. ~SC


  1. sk says:

    hey, it’s siobhan. someone saw a facebook post i made and pointed me towards this entry. i am headed to st. louis soon to research my culinary school essay on Irma and The Joy of Cooking. you are more than welcome to tag along if need be.

  2. This is very interesting. We shall see. We shall see.

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