Two Thousand One Zero, Party Over, Oops, Out Of Time.


December 31, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

So, tonight we’re going to party like it’s Twenty O’Nine. Sounds Irish.

I am trying to join, but for some reason the innernet won’t let me. The reason I am trying to join it is to ensure that I can play songs for you in the event that I want to. And rather Google searching the song and hoping that it will pop up with a Lala link, I thought it would be easier to just join the site, wrong. Nothing is easier on the innernet. I might as well write them a letter and mail it to them. That would be easier.

For now I’ll have to make Songza work for me instead. Do my bidding!

I bet you haven’t heard that one in a while.

I finally got Lala to work, but now I have to work the kinks out in using it here. Movin’ on.

I got my logo for my column in the City Wire last night. I dig it. This thing is really happening. All I have to do now is not screw it up. Easier said than done.

Let’s see what’s on the agenda for today. Looks like coffee, making glaze, lunch with Dark Wombat, and that’s it so far. I’m sure it will fill up pretty quickly, it always does. Oh, weird moment. It just struck me as really bizarre that you spell “duz” as “d-o-e-s”. I am actually not sure that that is the correct way to spell it. I have no confidence in that phrase. It looks really wrong in every way. I hate it when this happens. Like with the word “route”. Nope. Still looks weird. It will never be the same. Once you see a word wrong, it will never fully be right again. It may be right enough to use it, and type it, and write it, but it will never be back to that blissfully ignorant place of not knowing that it is wrong. Once it goes wrong it never comes back right.

Tonight, I think we are going over to Nicky the Cook’s for a little New Year’s shindig. It appears as though it will be a low key a event. That will be nice. You know, rather than a Loki event. Get it?! Oh, nevermind.

I guess I should probably get out to the studio. I’ll leave you with a ditty. More soon. ~SC


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