A Pizza Company After My Own Heart.


January 20, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Last night, I discovered, much to my enjoyment, that a company has started making a microwavable personal sausage pizza again. I remember having personal sausage pizzas as a child and then they just vanished. The only small sausage pizzas that were available were Totino’s. No offense to Totino’s, because they are like 97¢, but those pizzas are a little cardboardish. Albeit cheap tasty cardboard. Especially if you add a little Italian seasoning and parmesan and dip that bad boy in Ranch. Mmm…

Anyway, DiGiorno’s has started making a small microwavable sausage pizza. When I saw it, I had to try it. For one thing, I have had the pizza jones for like five or six days now, and letter b, it is a personal sausage pizza, the kind from my childhood. Well, maybe a little bigger. So, I got it and ate it. It was surprisingly good and surprisingly similar to the small pizzas of my youth. The one thing that has improved in the last 15 years is the microwave cooking pans for the pizzas. This DiGiorno pizza was actually crispy. Like it was cooked in an oven. I was most pleased with this pizza.

The only bad thing about it was that it did not quell the pizza jones. Maybe I’ll eat a lot of pizza this weekend while the girls are gone to Sin City. Don’t worry about them. I’ve hired Marv to look after them.

As for me and the boys, we’ll have plenty of work cut out for us, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what I’ve got in the works for this weekend. I’ve got a few things brewing that can’t be talked about just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Well, the bells are a-chimin’. That means it is time for work. More soon. ~SC


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