After Almost 29 Years Of Living, I Can Tell One Thing About Winters…


January 3, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

And that is Winter’s is cold. After a relatively mild summer, I have been expecting this Winter to be cold and it is not failing to do so. It is cold here and it is supposed to get colder. Thankfully, said with just a grain of sarcasm, the heaters in our house work some of the time. For some reason, probably flinky thermocouples, the heaters in our house just shut off. It is probably around 12°C in here right now. I know that in Siberia that is Summertime, but in Arkansas it is freakin’ cold. I am to the point of not putting Dr. Peppers in the fridge for Pancake Land because they are colder in the house than in the fridge. The drafty windows and lack of insulation are not helping keep the small amount of heat that the heaters are managing to produce inside our living quarters for very long. I have been considering purchasing a metal trashcan and placing it in a central location, i.e. my office, to start a hobo fire so that my fingers don’t get frostbite while I’m typing this post.

Last night, I went to see Sherlock Holmes. It was most excellent. Guy Ritchie did a great job of making the namesake of this movie as gritty as he is in the books. I don’t think that they could have cast this movie better. I was very slightly disappointed to not see a few more of the Guy Ritchie film usual suspects in the film. Give me Big Chris at least.

After the movie, while still banished from my house for the duration of the Liberty Bowl, I made my way over to the Furious/Mick residence. Dark Wombat had made an unannounced trek to Tulsa to see some old friends, so Jackie the Mick and Furious Jessy and I sat around and shot the breeze and listened to the entirety of Feel The Steel. I ended up leaving their house with my copy of Usher, two pounds of organic beef liver, and some herbal foot cream. Needless to say, it was a weird night. But, it was a good one.

There is talk amongst my S.A.N.D. brethren about the possibility of a Frecnh Toast-off in the near future. We shall see about this.

My schedule for today involves me curling up with Pancake Land’s Razorback Snuggie and trying desperately to finish How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Next up is either True Grit or the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide. I have not decided yet. Either one will be a relatively quick read for different reasons. Maybe I will start playing Spirit Tracks today as well. That is, if I finish my book first.

Whatever it is that I do today, I have to try not to smoke. I have been so social lately that I been socially smoking like crazy. My whole quitting smoking thing is going out the window faster than the warm air from the heaters.

Well, I’m off to curl up next to the heater with a cup of reheated coffee and my book. Today is a good day to break in that new insulated coffee cup that Teacher Sis gave me for Grismas. More soon. ~SC


  1. Paula says:

    Welcome to the world of “old houses”. It is fun to say you live in a house built in 1879 but you remember the movie “The Money Pit”, these houses suck ‘blood from a turnip’ like you wouldn’t believe. And, I understand about the drinks being colder in the house versus the refrigerator. And, if you don’t have on socks, you’ll have blue toes. It is the color of the season afterall. Enough chit-chat, I have work to do if I can find the way thru the cold-breathe fog………………….

  2. TeacherSis says:

    French Toast -Off? You must come see what I got for grismas…I can give you and edge up….fo’shizzle.

    derStaples soon? I am almost finished with my self imposed chores.

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