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January 23, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

All of the utilities finally are turned on, except maybe the innernet, and now the painting can finally begin. I spent most of yesterday pulling down horrible wallpaper borders and prepping things for painting while waiting around for the utility companies to show up and give me much needed heater action. The house, for most of the day, was very cold. SteveDee showed up later in the day and solved the “Why is the heater not heating?” riddle, so it should be a cozy 20°C in the house this morning when I arrive. Let us hope so.

I talked to Pancake Land yesterday morning and got the run down of their flight experience into Las Vegas. Apparently after the delay in Dallas they managed to get in the air only to endure 3 hours of turbulence. Once arriving in Sin City they shuttled their nauseous selves over to their hotel to discover that the room that they thought they booked was, by now, given away to people who got there first and they got stuck in a lesser room. Upon arriving at the room they discovered that the drywall had fallen from the ceiling and the room was filled with water. This was explained to the front desk and another room was issued. Upon arriving at the second room they discovered that there were piles of used towels sitting atop a bar stool and the Weather Channel was blaring at the unmade beds. The front desk was consulted again and their originally requested room was now made available for them. After dropping off their gear in the room, they headed down to the food court where P.L. spent $14 on a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog, fries, and a Dr. Pepper. She said it would appear as though they will be frequenting the McDonald’s Dollar Menu for the rest of their small meals in order to afford the much anticipated dinner at Craft Steak for White Chocolate’s birthday. During the $14 hot dog experience an alarm went off in the hotel, this included muffled automaton announcements, sirens, and a strobe light. Apparently, this lasted for 30 minutes. Fun times.

That was the last I heard from her so I can only imagine that they are having fun. If they were not having fun, I would have heard about it by now.

Well, I’m burning relatively light overcast daytime. I’m off to the new house. If you want to come over and work or visit, call me. More soon. ~SC

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