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January 5, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold, you can call me the Sandwich, ‘cuz I’m in Control.

This is how my brain works in the morning. And most of the day. And at night before I go to bed. Last night, I thought of something that I meant to tell you yesterday, but I forgot. Now that I set that up so robustly, I think the actual story falls short. I was going to tell you that I totally failed to finish reading How To Lose Friends and Alienate People on Sunday. I managed to get warm and cozy and read for about three minutes before the stream of consciousness took back over. This is pretty much how it went:

reading, reading, reading, I’m kind of hungry, reading, reading, maybe I should go get something to eat, reading, I wonder what leftovers are in the fridge, walking, walking, stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs, door, oh the dishes are a mess, water, scrubby, scrubby, scrubby, scrubby, drain rack, water off, towel, door, stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs, oh I need to punch these cards for pacifier clips… and so on.

Please note that I did not get anything to eat and would be totally confused by my hunger a few minutes later when I can’t remember not eating.

In fact, I accomplished a lot on Sunday, unfortunately none of it was reading my book. That always seems to happen to me. Whenever I think that I am going to have a day of doing nothing, wrong, stuff appears out of nowhere. And, of course, I have to do that stuff. One really exciting thing that happened during the not-reading-my-book time, was the discovery of Mille Bornes. Or rather the rediscovery it. Mille Bornes is an old card game where you race across France. It sounds weird, but I played it a lot growing up and it is awesome. Anyway, during an impromptu adventure to Der Staples and Sam’s with my siblings, we decided to make a very quick run through Le Target to hit the clearance racks. At some point we spotted a display of card games, and since my family’s collective interest in card games has been reignited over the past few months, we stopped to check it out. That is when I spotted it, Mille Bornes. We stood there in awed silence a few seconds before I snatched one off the hangy thing with one hand and dug in my pocket to check for cash with the other. Luckily the wad of Ones were nestled comfortably in my pocket and I walked out of the store with a brand new set of cards. I think Prince Jazzbo got a set as well. Teacher Sis bought her, I think she said, third set of Scrabble Slam! cards, having been “relieved” of the previous two decks by in-laws and the like.

I have yet to play Mille Bornes with Pancake Land since I have been all over the place being a little social butterfly. Today is Dark Wombat’s last day in town so, my social butterflying will die back down and I get back to reading and playing cards at night instead of doing silly things like spending time with my friends. Friends, jeez.

Well, someone’s knocking on the back door. I need to go let them out so I don’t have to go home and change my pants. More soon. ~SC


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