Damn That's A Big Mailbox.


January 24, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

First off today, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to White Chocolate. Make sure to wish her one as well. I hope that she enjoys eating at Craft Steak without me.

So, I just ordered a new mailbox for the new house. It is huge. Pancake Land had put in a request for a big mail box in order to better facilitate her not leaving the house in order to do her shipping. She runs a variety of craft businesses online and she ships a lot of packages. For big boxes she usually has to go to the post office, but not anymore. This box is like 38x30x61cm (15x12x24 inches). Huge.

With a little help (a lot actually) from my friends, I have almost three of the six rooms in the new house move-in ready. I think I am going to try and move the fridge in today, weather permitting. The bathroom is almost ready to go. I need to put a second coat of paint up and then cut in the edges. The front room, probably going to be the dining room, needs a few finishing touches. The kitchen is far from complete, but what it is lacking in cabinet doors, it makes up for in wall paint and fun toys. I almost have my new butcher’s block finished. I need to blow out the grooves and fill them with wood filler and then all that is left is to seal it with mineral oil. So, much to do. So, little time.

Today I need to start my next article for the City Wire, feed the chickens, and get to work on the new house.

That said, I am off. More soon. ~SC


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