I Had A Dream…


January 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

and it was a combination of The Prestige, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Oh, and I think that Hugh Jackman was Wolverine. He was the only one that couldn’t get Zombified. And for some reason, he kept eating heads of red cabbage. I think there was some sort of dance off using the Time Warp and the Thriller Dance. This freaks me out. I am glad that I don’t normally remember my dreams, if I dream at all.

Well, Happy Monday Luther King Jr. Day! Today Dr. King has a special message for you.

"Word to your mother."

Thank you very much Dr. King. A round of applause for Dr. King please. All right, well, let’s get this party started.

If by party, you mean work, then yes, I’m about to be startin’ something.

Enough of this silliness. I managed to get a lot done this weekend. I got my Volvo moved over to Jackie the Mick’s so that he can work on it for me, I moved the RV over to Lippincottonia with a lot of help from SteveDee and Teacher Sis, I read almost all of True Grit, I wrote this week’s article for the City Wire, and last night I made risotto with chicken and asparagus for Pancake Land’s dinner. Not bad since I am not performing at 100%.

Well, Le Duke is back from a week long residency in Texarkana, and there is lots to be done before the BMAC next month. We have a little over three weeks to get everything in order before me and Taco Planet undertake this big task. So much to do, so little time. Story of my friggin’ life.

Well, I am off to get to work on it. More soon. ~SC


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