I'm All Hopped Up on Tranquilizers And I Want You To Shut Your Mouth.


January 16, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Last night I could not go to sleep. I just tossed and turned in and out of consciousness. I felt like I was burning up, but my temperature read 36.389°C, err, 97.5°F. I had what I would later think of as an anti-fever. Pancake Land, playing the part of my nurse, tried everything to help me fall asleep. Finally, after resisting for an hour, I agreed to take one of her anti-anxiety/panic attack pills. It is pretty much a suped-up Tylenol PM. I took half of one. I don’t like taking medicine in general, especially for something that comes naturally, like sleep. After I took my tiny little half of a pill, Pancake Land insisted that I get back in bed immediately. I don’t know if it was the pill talking or the fact that I was deliriously tired, but I jokingly started raving about how I was all hopped on tranquilizers and didn’t appreciate being herded like a cow nor did I appreciate her judging me.

“I have a serious medical condition! And I don’t appreciate you judging me for being all hopped up on tranquilizers.”

She kept trying to get the point across to me that being “hopped up” is a term usually reserved for people consuming uppers, not downers. My reply was something to the effect of:

“Hey, Lady, just because I am all hopped up on pain pills, doesn’t mean that you have to treat me like a child. I want you to shut your mouth now. I have a serious medical condition and a head full of tranquilizers and I just want to go to sleep and I can’t do that if you don’t shut your mouth.”

I think this when she started tickling me. I can’t really remember, I had a head full of tranquilizers. Ah, fun times.

Today, is going to, hopefully, be a laid back kind of day. I am supposed to eat lunch with Word to Me and possibly move my car over to Jackie the Micks so that he can work on it for me. If I am lucky, I’ll  get my paycheck so that I’ll have a little bit more money than the four dollars that I have in my pocket right now. I’m not going to hold my breath, though.

I am about half way through True Grit right now and I might be able to finish it this weekend. Maybe I’ll start Cloud Atlas next and Dave will stop asking me when I am going to read it. Perhaps I’ll hold off on it until I go to Philly and will read it while I am waiting around for planes to take off and land. We shall see. Let me finish True Grit first and then I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I don’t think that I have accepted the fact that I might actually be sick, yet. If I am sick, then I have a cold. I don’t feel bad just a little drippy around the mucous membranes. Oh, and hot. I feel hot, but, according to my temperature measuring instruments, I am actually cold.

Enough talking, I need to go take a shower. My personal hygiene, i.e. my smell, is not the freshest and since I will be going into public, I should probably clean up a little bit first. More soon. ~SC


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