I'm In The House.


January 22, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Without electric, gas, or water, but in I’m there. Well, not at this exact moment, but I will be in a little bit.

I want to start out today by wishing a very Happy Birthday to my Papa. You should make sure to wish him one as well.

Well, article number 3 is up on the City Wire. Yesterday, my boss came by and dropped off my new City Wire business cards. I guess that means that I get to keep the job for a while. Hooray!

So, a combination of things kept me from sleeping very well last night. The biggest problem was that Pancake Land never came to bed, you know, because she is in Las Vegas. Combine an empty bed with a laundry list of things to do at the new house and whining dogs, and you will get to toss and turn all night like I did.

Pancake Land did call around 11:30pm to let me know that they finally made it there safely and that they were on the way to the hotel. I think that’s what she said. I was asleep. I had to look in my phone to assure myself that she had actually called and that I had not dreamt it. Apparently they got stuck in Dallas because, dig this, it was torrentially raining in Las Vegas. This is bizarre simple because Vegas is in the desert where it is known for not raining. That’s what makes it a desert. Not raining. Let us hope that was not foreshadowing for how the rest of the trip is going to go. Don’t feel too bad for them. They are in Las Vegas. Their trip tentatively has them scheduled to see Steel Panther, the Thunder From Down Under, and the Lucky Cheng Drag Show. Let ’em live it up for a weekend. I mean it is White Chocolate’s, er, 21st Birthday this weekend after all.

Hey, I gotta house. It is probably going to be the only thing keeping me busy enough to not pine over P.L. being gone. I miss her and it sucks. It is a good thing that I have plenty of manual labor to keep me busy. Speaking of which, I need to started gathering up tools and gear so that I can head over there and wait around for the utilities to show up and turn my stuff on. Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC


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    Big D needs something to do this weekend. Be sure and call him if you need anything at all! LOL!

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