It Is Like Poland, Circa 1944.


January 30, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

There is snow everywhere. There is so much snow that 10:00pm is lit up like 4:00pm. Going to sleep was weird, it being light outside and all. It is so quiet and there is no one around. It’s kinda spooky.

Well, being trapped at the house isn’t all that bad. I have managed to get caught up on packaging pacifier clips for our big wholesale order. I did, however, watch so many movies yesterday that my head still kind of hurts. I watched the original Karate Kid, a documentary about people who kill themselves by jumping off of the Golden Gate bridge called The Bridge, and a documentary about the industrial food complex called Food Inc. Pancake Land did not feel up to watching, per my request, Footloose. She said that she can only watch that movie a few times a year and yesterday was not one of them. Maybe today is.

If the snow stays frozen, I will remain house bound and finish up packing what pacifier clips are ready and then I will probably start packing my stuff in preparation for the big move. If that is the plan for today, then I see no reason to get out of my pajamas. The dogs are a little stir crazy because they’ve been cooped up in the house since yesterday, but I don’t feel too bad since it is like pulling teeth to get them to go outside. As soon as I open the door they are like “Screw that!” and start backing up and making for the bedroom. I learned quickly that you put the leash on them and then open the door.

I am so ready to be done prepping the house for the move. I just want to wake up and it to be done. But, unless HGTV reads this and decides to do me a favor, then I am the only one who can ensure that walls and trim get painted. Not that I am going to paint everything. I have an amazing group of friends who have come through for me in that department. They are amazing not because they will paint my house, offer any young guys enough pizza and beer and they’ll do pretty much anything you ask them to do, but my friends put up with my need to be a control Nazi barking orders about how to do everything. Granted, my orders come from higher up, but I am the one goose-stepping around the house shooting people’s grandparents in the face for the trim not being painted properly. I’m not that bad. Am I? Well, whatever. The point of it is, and everyone can relate to this, I don’t like living in limbo. Living in two houses at once. The feeling of some of your stuff is at one house and rest of your stuff is at the other.

“Where’s my lucky shirt?”

“At the other house.”

No sir, I don’t like it.

Well, Ima go try not to chain smoke and package up the rest of these pacifier clips. If you want to drive your snow plow over and bring me a gallon of vanilla ice cream, some Slim Jims, a bag of Ruffles, some French onion dip, some whole wheat bread, and a dozen eggs, be my guest. You’d better make it two dozen eggs, though. After watching Food Inc., make sure they are free range organic eggs. Awesome. Thanks. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Word to Me says:

    I can help with the eggs. How about sausage? Biscuits? Call me.

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