Man, What's Wrong With Your Innernet?


January 25, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Is busted.

Good hello on this stupidly early Monday morning. We inched forward on the new house yesterday. Days of painting trim are days that you don’t get much visual affirmation of why you are so tired. We also got the fridge in. Woo Fridge Sooie!

I let Taco Planet do most of the cutting in. Cutting in, for those that don’t know, is what it is called when you paint the corners of rooms and edges of things. I focused my energy on putting a second coat of paint in the bathroom and cleaning up the wall paper mess. I realized yesterday that if you soak wallpaper, scrape it off of a wall, and don’t pick it up off of the floor it will re-adhere to the floor. Nice. So I had to crawl around in the bathroom re-scraping the wallpaper off of the floor.

We finally got all of the hardware off of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. It took us this long because there was so much paint caked over every screw and on every hinge, latch, and catch. I have been a lazy painter in the past, but no more. I have just done my lazy painter penance. The time I “saved” by painting over hinges in the past was reclaimed by the Universe this weekend. From now on, hardware comes off before we paint. This means that I need to pick up new hardware for the cabinets and drawers. I also need to cruise the “Oops” paint to find a color for the cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen.

Last night I got a brief report on the Steel Panther show and Craft Steak from Pancake Land. The Steel Panther show rocked. They didn’t stay for the whole show because it was their luck to get stuck standing behind the drunk slam dancer who kept telling them that they all just needed to “have a good time” while spilling his drink everywhere. Craft Steak was great as well. They apparently rocked the bill for about $350 between the four of them. That’s what happens when steaks are $48, but apparently it was worth every penny. I also learned that on Friday, in the height of the drunkenness, they all went to the Tournament of Kings, which is one of those Medieval eat an entire game hen with your hands whilst watching knights sword fight type of places. Unlike Medieval Times you do not sit in sections according to color and then root the knight of said color, but you sit according to country and root for your king. Pancake Land did me proud by making everyone sit in Russia and then screaming “Soviet!” a lot. That’s my gal for ya’. Always representing for her man.

Today is one of those days of waiting. Waiting for the cable company to come to the new house to fix the innernet. Waiting for Pancake Land to come home. Waiting for paint to dry. Waiting for Le Duke to tell me what I need to do. Waiting on the water to boil for my Ramen noodles. Waiting is the worst. This day is going to take forever and I will feel like I accomplished nothing.

On that note, I need to over to the other house now. More soon. ~SC.


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