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January 11, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, I managed to finish reading How to Lose Friends and Alienate People yesterday. Then I watched the movie. The only the thing that movie had in common with the book was that the main characters were both journalists. Oh, and there was cocaine at some point. But, that was it. The focus of the book was about the shattering of expectations through a long drawn out downward spiral involving a lot of being drunk and ridiculous and finally finding himself at the other end of the wormhole. The movie was about a guy who wanted something, then got it, and then realized he didn’t want it and ended up with Kirsten Dunst instead of Megan Fox. It would have been like making Moby Dick into a movie about a guy named Ahab who likes to fish and who ultimately drowns after his little boat tips over.

I am actually surprised that I am surprised by this. But then again, they are remaking Karate Kid in China using Kung Fu, so apparently words have totally different meanings in the movie business. Don’t think that this is first or last time this will happen either. Remember Memoirs of a Geisha? All of the main characters were Chinese except Ken Watanabe. Like we were not going to notice.

Enough of that. Today is Monday and Le Duke is out of town. Which means that I am in charge. You are wondering, this is different how? Well, this just means that in addition to my normal duties of looking at stuff and thinking about stuff, I also have to answer the phone if it rings. And check Le Duke’s email.

Well, speaking of doing stuff, I need to go do some stuff. Here watch this and be upset:

I would not care so much, secretly I probably would be excited about it, if they had not called it The Karate Kid. It’s just sacrelige. Ah. More soon. ~SC


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