The Return Of The Yeti.


January 29, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

It has decided to be cold and precipitous today and probably tomorrow as well. I was supposed to go to this Asian sandwich joint with Word to Me for lunch, but the odds of that are getting slimmer and slimmer. I came to Lippincottonia, but the weather is supposed to get bad pretty early today, so I think that I am going to head back home. At least I can knock part of that wholesale order out.

My new article is up on the City Wire today. I’ve been receiving a lot of really good feedback on my articles which is super encouraging. I discovered after I bashed Catfish Cove, I was expecting the people to revolt and behead me, that most people agreed with me. It gave me a little oompf. Like I was a restaurant vigilante. Well, not really. It was very encouraging to know that if a restaurant is sucking that I can call them out on it and the people will back me up. That’s a nice feeling.

After getting the long awaited go ahead from Pancake Land, I started putting paint on the walls of the bedroom last night. If I can get paint on the walls of the hallway, office and living room, then I can start moving our crap over to the house. I would like to be done moving before I have to go to Philly. It would be nice to not have to worry about moving stuff after I come home with an armful of wholesale orders. That way I can focus on making pots and writing articles and not have to think about lugging couches and record collections. So, with that said, I’m calling out “All hands on deck!” for this weekend. Weather permitting of course. I would love to have the house painted this weekend. I don’t plan on moving anything until after the house is painted. I might start moving my books and what not, but that will be a trickling and not a torrent. I can move a few boxes of books all by my lonesome. So, if you want to help paint let me know.

Well, Ima go do a few things here in Lippincottonia before I have to head back down the hill to Chez Petit Marchand Ambulant (Little Peddler). What is funny about that phrase is that it literally translates into “small traveling merchant”. Oh, the joys of translation. Anyways, Happy Friday. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Word To Me says:

    So what color did you end up painting the nursery, I mean office?

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