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January 26, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Las Vegas doesn’t like Dr. Pepper, so Pancake Land doesn’t like Las Vegas. Apparently, they don’t drink iced tea there either, which is totally insane. I mean, even people in New England drink iced tea, and they think that bell peppers are spicy.

The girls got in around 1:30am this morning. Pancake Land woke me up when she came into our part of the house and there was lots of smooching and other sickening displays of affection. She ate something, came to bed, and fell asleep. Whereas, I was now awake. Great. I finally fell back asleep about 4:00am and woke up with a start at 7:00am after having slept through my alarm for an hour. If Pancake Land had not been as exhausted as she was, I’m sure I would have received a “helping” slap accompanied by the phrase “Babe, your alarm’s going off” about 15 minutes into the horrid redneck banter.

Yesterday, I got very little accomplished on the new house. I was over there in the morning waiting for the innernet guy(John) to show up and fix the problem(which he did). Turns out the guy who came out to connect my box to the pole hooked up the neighbor instead. Nice. While I was waiting for him to fix things, I cut in part of the bathroom and managed to hang the new curved shower rod. I also cleaned up the spots on the walls that were touched up with drywall mud and I scraped the rough spots on the cabinet doors, which are now ready for some mis-tinted paint. After John fixed the innernet I set up the wireless network and headed back to work.

Back at work, I refilled some spots in my butcher’s block with wood filler and sanded it again. After it had cured a while, I put the first couple of coats of mineral oil on it to seal it. I’ll put one more coat of oil on it this morning, just for good measure, and it should be good to go. Hooray for butcher’s blocks!

While the wood filler was curing, I worked on what we need to take to redo the booth at the BMAC next month and glazed some of the pieces we need. I’ll finish up the glazing this morning and start working on tiling the kitchen in the house Le Duke is building. The same huge floor that I’ve been tiling for a while now. The good news is that this is the last room to be tiled in the house. The bad news is that next I’ll have to grout it. All of it. It will take forever. Not looking forward to that.

Well anyways, the good news is that the girls made it back safe and my sweet baby and I can nuzzle a whole lot tonight. It dawned on both of us last night that we have a huge pacifier clip order due out this week. Awesome. Working on the new house is on hold until we get that order out. Maybe I can pay Taco Planet to work on the house at night. It would probably be a good idea for Pancake Land to see the house with lights on, not just holding a flashlight. Then, maybe, I can figure out what we need to work on next.

Right. And with that, I’m off to glaze and lay tile. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Jessica says:

    Pancake Land and I are as one. You must respect the Dr.

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