They Say A Compluta Can Do My Job Better Than I Can Damn Do it.


January 10, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

After an exhausting day of doing things lazily, I awoke this morning very tired. And my feet are cold. I’m just cold in general. The good news is that it is supposed to get back to normal Arkansas Winter temperatures this week. Ah, 7°C here I come. Maybe then the water in the kitchen will unfreeze so that I can clean up the mess from taco night.

Speaking of taco night, it went over as well as normal. Very full bellies and very few leftovers. Just enough for a snack or two. Unfortunately for my gardener friends over at the Mother Earth Community Garden, not enough to make them a plate. I think that when the weather warms up a little more, we should have a taco day in the garden. We should wait until the lettuces and cilantro have come in, but let’s not wait on the tomatoes. I’ll need tacos before July for sure.

Today’s agenda involves me working on next week’s article for the City Wire and, hopefully, finishing the book I’m reading. I am so ready to start a new book. It’s not that I am not enjoying this book, it’s just that I have so many books in the pile of “to-read” books, especially after the Grismas haul, that I am itching to start whittling away at it. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a little Zelda time later on. Cross your fingers. Are they crossed? Crossed.

The other night I watched It Might Get Loud. I enjoyed it. I could have done without the Edge and the rest of the U2 stuff, but that’s just me. The end of the film rocked. If you are not interested in rock n’ roll and in particular the use of electric guitar, you might not like it as much as I did. I thought it was pretty sweet.

Let’s see if I can find something to take us out today on a good note…ah Lemmy.

Right. More soon. ~SC


  1. Paula says:

    Sorry, just getting around to reading yesterday’s musings today. That somehow doesn’t sound right but it is. Had to go out of town yesterday, clean house today, do errands (and you thought you were the only one who had things to do, LOL). Kelly has accepted the taco challenge. In fact, we are having tacos tonight, so there.

    Mark May 22nd on your calendar. It is the day we are having the garden birthday party. I expect you to be here with your bells on (hopefully, you will wear something else also) and some of your art. I want to feature our local artists, poets, and musicians (yes, I know all of those are artists). Will get back to you with details, details,………….

  2. Consider it marked on the calender. I’ll start polishing the bells a little closer to the party. I am looking forward to it. Enjoy your tacos.

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