Fantasizing About Singing Iron Maiden, Torch Singer Style, To My Unborn Babies.


February 9, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Once again I am pleased that I got to come to work today. Probably because the heater in the bedroom sucks ass in the working department and it was 10°C in there when I woke up. You might say that that’s not really cold, but answer me this, how many of you out there keep your bedroom at 51°F? Yeah, you don’t. You know why? Because it is friggin cold. That’s why.

Anyway, I am also pleased to come to work today in order to keep a promise to Le Duke about getting some glazes made before I left for Philly. They were very low on my list of priorities concerning things to be done before Philly, but seeing as how I have accomplished most everything on the list, I can make glazes today.

Last night Pancake Land and I ventured over to the library to pick up a stack of books to occupy her mind whilst I’m away. I ended up getting a couple of audio books as well. I got a collection of NPR funny stories from the Driveway Series. You know, stories so good that you sit in the car in your driveway and listen to the end. I also got the audio book of Heat by Bill Buford. Remember me talking about that book a while back? It was the book that I credited for getting me back into food. It’s funny to me that when I read it the first time, I had no idea who the people he was working for were, but last night I was reading the track names and I realized that first guy he sort of apprentices himself to is Mario Batali. The dude’s a friggin Iron Chef. As in Iron Chef Mario Batali. Mario Batali has comes face to face with a real life Santo who does not know real capoeira, not like Silverio knows capoeira.

What was I talking about before I got sucked into reliving Only the Strong in my head? Oh, yeah audio books. Right. I hope to be able to get a good deal of Heat read to me today. It would be a nice refresher on the book. Speaking of books, for this Philly adventure my reading list is as follows:

1) The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain,

2) Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell,

and 3) Service Included by Phoebe Damrosch.

Given the amount of time I have to sit around in airports and hotel rooms, it should not be a problem to get through those three, but we shall see. We will be leaving extra early in the morning, so do not expect a post until tomorrow night. Unless I find a free wireless internet cafe in an airport. You thought that was funny, too, huh? Free? In an airport? Cracks me up every time.

Well, the bells are chiming the song “It’s time to go to work you lazy ass” so I had better get to it. Maybe I should put those bells in Taco Planet’s room. I think he needs it more than me. Anyways, more soon from the city of brotherly love. ~SC


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