February 2, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I am feeling 1000 times better today.

I was going to talk about this yesterday, but failed to do so. So, I’ll say it today. I want to send a big Thank You out to Big D, Teacher Sis, and SteveDee who helped me rock out a lot of work on the new house on Sunday. Without them, I would still be sulking in an unpainted living room. So, yes, Thank You so freaking much.

Yesterday was all about being put back in my place by the Universe. Luckily, my path to redemption involved a episode of SModcast. At some point I got covered in mud helping push a truck out who had gotten stuck. Tires spin in the mud. And sling mud. All over me. Lots of tiles were cut in Arctic temperatures. Taco Planet and I laid tile until we ran out of mastic. It was stupid.

Last night I abandoned working on the new house in exchange for feeling like a human being again. I took a shower. Sadly, I could not remember the last time I took one. Sometime last week, I think. Anyway, I took one. I also worked on this week’s article. Which reminds me, I need to email it to Pancake Land for proofing. Hold on.

And we’re back. I got Pancake Land’s mailbox yesterday, via FedEx. How weird is that? She wanted a big mailbox in order to never leave the house to ship her packages, i.e. never get out of her pajamas. Wait until you see this thing. It’s ridiculous.

Today the idea is that I will go over and work on painting the trim and touching up wall paint in the new house. If I get enough done today, I can start moving tomorrow. I’ve got to remember to paint the bookcase again. Books are going to be one of the first things into the new house. Pots and pans are already there. Le Duke has made our new dishes and they should be fired this weekend. I need to pick up flatware pretty soon. We have something special in store for the cabinet doors in the kitchen, but I won’t spoil that one yet. Just know that it is going to be awesome. Pancake Land also found a really kick ass way to do backsplash for cheap using small metal tiles that stick to the wall via foam tape. It will be a great way to cover up the existing backsplash without having to demolish part of the kitchen.

Well, I need to go work on the booth layout for Philly. More soon. ~SC

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  1. teachersis says:

    pshaw…it’s nuttin’ bro..


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