I Walk In You Pretensions Of Suck.


February 3, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I found the lyrics to La Bruja on the Frida soundtrack via a Google search and then I let Google translate it. What was once a folk song about a witch is now a metal song about a witch. There are lots of words that would not translate, stuck into phrases like “Since my son will chupastes”, immediately followed by “And now cursed witch”. Awesome. I love translating things via the innernet. It always brings a smile to my face. Look at what I just found for you. A little something to bring a smile to your face.

You can print it out and work it at your desk when the boss is not looking.

Last night, Teacher Sis and I finished painting the kitchen and the bookcase in the living room at the new house. We started the cabinet doors for the kitchen, but ran out of time last night. They will have to be finished up today. My main focus for today is moving stuff. Mainly books. Maybe some of my records.

What’s that Mickey? Your right, tacos do sound good for lunch. But, before I can eat tacos or think about moving, I have to work for Le Duke. A little bit of glazing, a little bit of tile work, a little computer stuff, a little of this, a little of that. If I can really focus and keeps my nose to the grindstone, I might be able to get out of work early and be able to move stuff in the daylight. Won’t that be luxurious?

I think the main moving push is going to be this weekend. That’s when I’ll be calling out for all hands on deck to help move my couches and piano. Maybe my record player as well. I think that is all that we have that is really heavy. Maybe Pancake Land’s desk as well. Everything else is easy two person stuff. Bookcases, mattresses, sheet metal file cabinets, stuff like that. Oh, forgot about the safe. And my anvil collection. Just kidding. It is bad enough that I have 1000 LPs and 45s. I don’t need any more of an anvil collection than that.

Well, Ima go to work. BE sure to check out February’s Daily Photos, as well as, a new photo that I posted in General Photographs. Peace out. More soon. ~SC

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  1. teachersis says:

    “Bye Bye Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levy
    but the levy was dry.”

    Today is the 50th Anniversary of “The Day the Music Died”….Play a record for me today.

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