Perhaps, I Was Wrong.


February 25, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Angel is turning out to not just be a sad Batman wannabe, but now he is a poor one. Instead of sad Batman, I should have called him the down-and-out Batman. This title will surely change as we progress through the series. Currently, Pancake Land and I have only managed to suffer through disc 1 of season 1. Even Joss Whedon, who wrote the show, makes jokes about him being like Batman. For chrissakes, he even had a grappling hook inside of his coat at one point. It was a gag about him being like Batman, but still.

Also, the show is supposed to be the story of Angel redeeming himself by helping people. What we did not expect was for all of those people to be women in abusive relationships. Granted, every once and a while, there will be a vampire or demon or something for him to fight, but for the most part he is just smacking around “Drunk Daddy”. In the last episode of disc 1, had you only tuned in for this episode, with no prior knowledge of the show, you would have no idea that Angel is supposedly a revered vampire. You would just think that he is a person with daddy issues. And perhaps, you would note that he is strangely a lot like Batman, except lamer.

Ugh, enough about that already.

So, we have moved into the stage of sickness where I cough a lot. Mainly in the morning, or rather this morning. For the first ten minutes I was out of bed I felt like a person who is not sick. Then, the mucus slowly inched its way back to where it was supposed to be during the vertical hours and the coughing ensued. It has stopped for the most part and we are back to blowing the nose every three to five minutes. I do feel a little better, energy wise, today. Of course, I have not really done anything today, except blow my nose and cough a lot.

My next article is due today and I forgot to have Pancake Land proof it for me. Unfortunately it is due by noon and she will more than likely not be awake and functioning by then. I’ll have to send it in and if any changes need to be made, I’ll have to send them in later.

Today, I will probably be laying tile. And possibly moving a set of doors out of Le Duke’s new chateau. I am sure glad that it is really cold this morning. Like -4°C cold. It is supposed to be warming up this week and I will be thankful for it. I mean, I like cold weather just fine, but this Winter has been ridiculous. It’s like Yankee cold, not Arkie cold. I mean it has snowed like five time this Winter. That’s unheard of in the River Valley.

I will thankful when I can where my sandals again. That’s all I want, not shorts or t-shirts, just my sandals. Speaking of which, I probably need to send them to Chaco to have them re-webbed. Life time warranties are awesome. If only I could find a pair of shoes with a lifetime warranty, I’d be set. I’m pretty rough on shoes. I do have to say that the shoes Teacher Sis got me for Grismas are holding out better than expected. After the first week of wearing them, they looked pretty bad, but I guess they just had to reach a level of functioning broken-in-ness, because they are holding together pretty well. They could probably use a once over with a tube of E6000 to ensure that they continue to hold together, but that will have to wait for warmer weather.

Well, it’s not going to get any warmer any time soon, so I guess I’ll have to go face the cold. I’m off to work. More soon. ~SC


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