February 5, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Sometimes everybody needs to get random.

My new article is up on the City wire this morning. You should check it out.

Yesterday I was chained to the kiln all day. So, I drug my cabinet doors over to the studio and painted them. After a few minor hiccups, Prince Jazzbo and I got them installed into the kitchen last night. They look sharp. Hopefully, once the paint cures totally, there won’t be too much chipping and scratching of paint.

To the best of my knowledge the kiln fired really well. We’ll see later today when we open it up. I am pretty excited about this kiln because it has my new dishes in it. Since Pancake Land gave me free reign over the kitchen in the new house, I was allowed to pick the glazes for the dishes. Originally, she wanted something of the mass produced dishware variety and I, being a potter, had to point out that that just would not do. So, I got Le Duke to throw a few pieces for us and I glazed them in my current favorite glaze combination. If only I knew someone who made flatware.

Today I have no idea what I am doing yet. If Le Duke needs me to do something, then I am working for him. If he doesn’t have anything for me, then I am moving more crap over to the house. It’s that simple. At some point, I have to eat lunch with Word to Me seeing as how we haven’t been to lunch on Friday in ages.

Well, I need to go poop now. I’m sure that you really wanted to know that, but look, I’m showing a lot of restraint in not photographing it and posting it here. Give it time. I am sure I will, at some point, take the biggest dump of my life and have to share it with you. Just giving you something to look forward to. Or dread. Either way, #2 is calling and I had better answer before it leaves a message in my pants. More soon. ~SC


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