Shock Therapy.


February 20, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I woke this morning to Nami barking. An action that seems to never end these days. When I went outside to beat her mercilessly I discovered my neighbor just standing in is his yard staring grumpily at the fence. The fence that separates my dogs, and potentially their throats, and him. I said “Morning.” to him and he snidely replied “It’s early.” Had I not just crawled out of bed to beat my dogs, I would have made some sort of conversation with him about how he adheres to the Japanese approach to mornings, but I did not say anything. The Japanese to not wish each other a good morning or even a good day, they just simply state “It’s early.”

Anyway, I am not a person who likes the idea of putting a shock collar on dogs to prevent them from barking. They’re dogs. It comes with the territory. That would be akin to super gluing their buttholes closed because they poop on the floor. I do have to say that, after a week of barking, the idea of a shock collar is growing on me. I considered having her vocal chords removed, but that seems a bit drastic and, well, expensive. A shock collar can definitely be figured into the budget.

I have discovered there are many anti-barking systems that do not taze your dogs. Now I just have to go and buy one. Our local pet supply store opens in 15 minutes and I will be there when they open to buy an anti-barking system. Not just for me and Pancake Land and our precious beauty sleep, but for the sake of our neighbors and their beauty sleep. And the whole good neighbor relations thing.

Is she really barking again? Yes she is.

I’ve got to get ready to buy something that will shut her up. I have not move into the “shut her up once and for all” mentality, but I am edging rapidly toward it this morning. More soon. ~SC


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