The Lamest Snow Day Ever.


February 8, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Hey! This is the 300th post. Isn’t it exciting?!

It snowed again last night and it is supposed to keep snowing today. The weird part is that is not going to be below freezing until tonight. You know what that means. That’s right. Ice. Everywhere. But that’s not until tomorrow and I can deal with that.

I feel surprisingly cheerful this morning. Perhaps it is because there is a new SModcast. Perhaps it is because I am so rugged and handsome. Who’s to say?

Yesterday we got a lot accomplished. We moved the dining set, the piano, and the couch over to the new house. Pancake Land and I agreed that leaving the loveseat at our current residence until I return home from New England would be a good idea. This way I’ll have a place to sit until we wrap the move up. Won’t that be nice?

Anyway, I am pleased that I was able to come to work today. I know that sounds weird, but today is the day that we pack and ship the new contents of the booth for BMAC. If we don’t get them out today, they might not be there in time for the show. Wouldn’t that be awesome? No. It wouldn’t. It would suck. A lot. And I am here today to try and prevent that suck from coming into existence. Of course, once I pack it up and ship it, it will be out of my hands. But, my job is to get it packed and that is what I’m going to do. I also need to start assembling “The Suitcase”. “The Suitcase” is just that, a suitcase. It is the suitcase that contains all of our paperwork, and the clipboards, and the drill, and all of the other crap that won’t fit in our carry-on bags.

The only thing that I am looking forward to on this trip is my chance to get a lot of reading done. Other than reading, and maybe the food, I don’t want to go. There’s that whole being away from my sweet lady thing and that sucks big time. There’s the whole standing around for 4 days hoping that enough people place orders to keep me employed for the next six months thing. There’s the sleeping in a strange bed and living out of a suitcase thing. There’s the strange place getting lost thing. There’s the dealing with TSA thing. Plus, I just got a house and now I have to leave. And people wonder why I am struggling with quitting smoking.

I had intended to move some stuff today, but the Universe said “No.” to that plan by dumping frosty precipitation all over my town. I guess it is a good thing. I can focus on what needs to be done to prepare for this trip rather than continuing to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. Mmm…chicken.

Wait a minute. How am I hungry again? I just ate like half an hour ago. This cold weather business is stupid. I am burning calories like nobody’s business and I am perpetually hungry. I keep eating in a weird attempt to fuel the fires that keep me warm. I may win this battle, not through strategy or clever warfare, but through sending endless waves of soldiers into it. Wear down my cold enemy with wave after wave of cannon fodder. Or rather, cannon fooder. Ha Ha ha, you get it? Cannon fooder. Oh, nevermind.

Anyways, Happy Monday. I’m off to wake up Taco Planet and starting packing up crap. More soon. ~SC


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